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College is such a unique time of life and being part of a Christian student group like Cru can be an awesome part of that time. But it goes beyond that. Long after you’ve left the these hallowed halls it’s our hope that you’ve grown closer to Jesus than you were the day you graduated. How’s that going to happen? The Church. Church isn’t about a building, it’s about people who are seeking God, growing in their faith, and encouraging others to do the same. It’s God’s means for you to receive both love and truth, and to know Him better. Cru is a four (or more) year deal, but being part of a church should last a lifetime. So why not get plugged into one now?

All over the Ithaca area there are Solid, Christ-centered, Bible teaching churches. A lot of them you can walk to. Others have shuttles that will pick you up at a few locations around campus. And some even provide breakfast. So, all you have to do is wake up and go…

Bethel Grove Bible Church

New Life Presbyterian

Christ Chapel

Tabernacle Baptist Church

Vineyard Church of Ithaca

Calvary Chapel of Ithaca

Trinity Lutheran Church

Emmaus Road (KCCE)

First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church (FICCC)

Bethany Campus Church

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