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Why attend the Upstate Fall Getaway?

Posted on: September 24th, 2017 by webteam No Comments

Coming up on September 29–October 1, we will gather together with students from a few different schools at the Upstate Fall Getaway.  Take some time to get away from the craziness for a weekend to focus on our glorious God!

Each school year begins with many new freshman as well as transfer students seeking to get involved with our ministry. But like any team, organization, club or social group, it’s difficult to forge relationships when you only see one another an hour or two a week. Deep relationships are the product of significant time spent together.

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The Fall Getaway is the vehicle to consolidate whatever new growth has occurred in the first month and weeks of the school year.  I like to point out that students leave for the Fall Getaway as classmates and acquaintances but come back as friends!   If I were to narrow down the reasons for having a Fall Retreat to just one, it would be this: to take the many individuals involved in our ministry and knit them together into a close community of committed believers.

But of course you don’t need to narrow the reason down to just one, conferences often serve multiple purposes. Equal to the relational reason is the rational reason for the retreat.  This year Jake Abraham will be our main speaker.  He’ll be unpacking the scriptures and helping us to understand and apply the truths of the gospel to our lives. To take a significant step forward in one’s relationship with Christ requires some unhindered, undistracted, time away with the Lord and the Fall Getaway provides this.

Away from the dorms, the homework, and the social life, you will be able to do some reflecting and soul-searching. The Fall Getaway fosters this environment. There’s praise and worship, extended time for reflection and personal devotions, all of which takes place in the surroundings of nature.

Whether you have been following Jesus for a long time, or you are still checking out this whole Christian thing, you will benefit from the Getaway.  The weekend provides the space to think about life and time to process.  It’s a place to make significant decisions and turn away from things that are holding you back spiritually.  This is a time where faith is firmed-up and consolidated.

Having come together as a community, the community needs to be aimed in a direction. The church is a family but it’s also an army with a mission—to expand Christ’s Kingdom.  We’ll be reminded of this at the Getaway and given the chance to think about our role in this mission.   Before heading back to campus, we’ll look forward and ask: “What are we going to do as the body of Christ back on campus?”  It is our hope and mission to put the gospel within arms reach of every student at Cornell!  The Fall Getaway will help us prepare for just that!

The word disciple means follower, student, associate, friend, pupil.  Cru exists to help students become disciples of Jesus Christ.  To be disciples of Jesus means that we are “following” him or generally “doing life” intimately united with Him.  A follower of Jesus is connected to him, connected to his mission, connected to his priorities.  In Cru we talk about “discipleship” being something that is rational, relational, and missional.  The Fall Getaway is a big win in all three of these areas, and I believe attending the getaway will truly help you to love and follow our savior in a more transforming way.

Go the Facebook Page to register.  First time attenders from Cornell are only $20.  If you need help, ask a staff or older student leader how to register for the discount!

(parts of this post are from Rick James’ article: The Why and When of Conferences:)

Discipleship as Rational, Relational and Missional thanks to Jonathan Dodson.  Gospel Centered Discipleship.

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