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Bring a car…..Bless others!

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 by webteam No Comments

Generous People

The truth is, everybody at Cornell uses cars.  When a Cornell student says “I don’t really need a car at college;”  that’s not entirely true.  It’s fair to say that most students don’t need a car at college “every day”, but pretty much every single student at Cornell makes use of cars.  The only question is “who’s car is it?”

In short, the answer to that question is: Someone who’s generous.


This is my second post addressing the vehicle shortage at Cornell and how you can be a part of addressing it.  I would love for you to consider being one of those generous people with a car.

Having a car gives you a very  tangible way to bless other people. Saying “yes” to bringing a car to college is saying “yes” to helping other people out, that’s all there is to it!  Everybody that I know who has a car at Cornell serves others by giving them rides.  In the end, people who don’t have cars rely on those who do and receive blessing every time they get a ride…..

..to the mall.

..to Wal-mart.

..to the doctor.

..to the bus station, the airport, the train depot.

And how about church?  Most Christian parents encourage their kids to go to church.  But how do people get there?  They bum a ride from someone with a car!  Often a fellow student and sometimes helpful church member who comes by campus specifically to pick students up. Certainly some churches like Bethel Grove Bible Church provide shuttle busses that pick kids up on campus, but either way, we’re talking about utilizing internal combustion engines to get down the road.  Students have a need for cars.

So again, bringing a car to college at Cornell is a way for you to bless and serve others!

Jesus’ example of serving.

In John chapter 13, Jesus washed his disciples feet at the last supper.  Feet washing in first century Palestine was a job nobody really wanted to do.  If you’ve ever walked the streets of a third world country in sandals, then you know why.  In the end, the “dust” is the cleanest substance on your feet!  Washing feet was a nasty job typically reserved for the ‘new guy’ or even the foreign slave.  But Jesus shocked his disciples by taking off his outer robe, putting on a towel and washing his followers feet.  He didn’t do it because it was fun, or because he particularly liked washing feet, he did it to serve. 

As a ministry, we need more cars.   And I want to ask students and their parents to seriously pray about this opportunity to serve others, and to serve our ministry.  I’m not saying it will always be fun.  I’m saying it’s helpful.

We depend on students with cars. 

Beyond the ordinary day to day stuff, our ministry depends on the generous contribution of those with cars.    Every week we depend on student drivers to move the Cru sound equipment  to our meeting room on campus.  Our Friday night meetings enable hundreds of students to hear the gospel every year.    For most of our leaders, this weekly worship, teaching and fellowship event is how they got connected with our ministry.  That meeting depends on cars.

Every Saturday we need student drivers to take our core of volunteers out to the Second Wind Cottages where they join with Christians from all over Ithaca to serve and help the homeless.   During the fall and spring we host a whole slew of events ranging from simple trips to the farmers Market to our experiential process learning events out in Lansing.   Every single one of our small groups endeavors to find ways to serve in different ways around the campus and throughout the city, and we use student cars to get people where they need to be.  Even when we host different events on campus, someone typically has to go get supplies and materials off campus, in a car!   Of course we host our fall retreat along with our winter conference off campus and depend on students with cars to get everybody to and from those powerful life changing venues.  In and through each of these things students are given the chance to understand and believe the Gospel –sometimes for the first time!

For sure we use the vehicles of the Cru staff members!  Of course.  Our minivans serve as the definitive ‘rented mules’ of this operation in ways that other campuses know nothing about.   Additionally, at least one generous pastor in town loans his car to our ministry all the time!  And seeing our need, he and his wife have seriously considered buying more cars and insuring them all themselves specifically to help our ministry to flourish!  Thank you pastor Scott!

Serving costs.  But the benefits are eternal. 

Serving is costly.  Jesus served by giving his very life and he calls us to lives of generous sacrifice as his disciples.   Bringing a car to campus isn’t cheap.  I know that.  From gas to insurance to maintenance and even parking fees, it is not cheap!  But really, what about Cornell is?  The education is expensive, the dorms are expensive etc.  But everyone who’s here has determined that the cost is worthy.  Parents help pay thousands of dollars for the Cornell education as a “worthy investment” in the future of their kid.  The idea is that one will have a brighter future full of incredible opportunities as a result of the financial expenditure.  I am contending that investing in the infrastructure of Cru’s gospel proclaiming ministry gives more students access to the most important opportunity they could ever have!    And what we are looking for are people who would regard the financial investment connected to a car worthy for the sake of improving many students’ futures not just here on earth but for eternity! 

If it’s at all possible for you to bring a car to Cornell, please do.  Bring it as an offering to be used by God to connect people with the gospel and the body of Christ.  Bring it to serve!

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