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Why attend the Upstate Fall Getaway?

Coming up on September 29–October 1, we will gather together with students from a few different schools at the Upstate Fall Getaway.  Take some time to get away from the craziness for a weekend to focus on our glorious God!
Each school year begins with many new freshman as well as transfer students seeking to get […]


The Second Wind Cottages

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many – Mark 10: 45

The smell of sawdust brings back a flood of memories. As a young girl, I oftentimes worked alongside my dad in his workshop—instead of dolls and makeup, […]


You are NOT a Student First.

This is a video from Desiring God made specifically for students addressing our primary identity in Christ.

You can find the original post here on the Desiring God website


Can Jesus and Darwin be my Homeboys?

(This post is one of the longer ones on our site, but I think you’ll find it to be very insightful.  Samuel Ramsey is a Cornell class of 2011.)
In high school I remember having a number of conversations with a girl who was very enthusiastic about her faith. Naturally we enjoyed talking with each other […]


Bring a car…..Bless others!

Generous People
The truth is, everybody at Cornell uses cars.  When a Cornell student says “I don’t really need a car at college;”  that’s not entirely true.  It’s fair to say that most students don’t need a car at college “every day”, but pretty much every single student at Cornell makes use of cars.  The only […]


“The Lord has need of this”

The Lord Has Need of This!
Imagine you looked outside one morning and saw two 18 year old guys opening the door of your car and getting in.  One of em’ looks a little nervous for sure, but the other one carries himself like he owns the thing!  Maybe your first thought is; “why didn’t I […]


What is “Attractive”?

Is it important for a husband to be “attracted” to his wife?  And for a wife to be attracted to her husband?   I say definitely YES!  But what’s attractive?   I counsel single college students and married people alike to allow God’s word, and the truth of the gospel to inform their “attraction.”  Now certainly, […]


A Case Against Martin’s The Case Against Christianity

Like with Dawkins’ The God Delusion, there is too much material in philosopher Michael Martin’s The Case Against Christianity to address it all here. I will focus below on just two of the more radical claims he puts forth: the nonexistence of Jesus and the denunciation of Christian ethics.
The Case Against Christianity begins with the […]


Can Jesus and Darwin Be My Homeboys? -But what about the age of the earth?

As a Christian and an entomologist, I’m no stranger to questions of how current biological thinking could possibly fit with the creation account in Genesis. In conversations about this subject, I’ve frequently gotten some version of the question: “How can you believe in Evolution when the Bible doesn’t say anything about multiple stages of creating […]


Haiti 2013

Over Spring break this year Cru at Cornell sent students on trips to Haiti, Guatemala and Florida.  Cru students were also involved serving communities from San Antonio, TX to Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
This is a short video of some of the activity in Haiti.  While there, we worked with a ministry called Kingdom of Kids.  As a […]

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